Homemade Organic Fertilizer

Homemade Organic Fertilizers for Marijuana or Weed

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Homemade fertilizer for marijuana


Banana peel tea: potassium is considered, after nitrogen, one of the essential nutrients for plants, which is involved in the process of photosynthesis, in osmo-regulation of water on the ground and the formation of drought and frost-resistant fabrics. When there is deficiency of potassium in plants we observed a yellowish color and marginal burns in the leaves, slow growth, reduction in bloom or progressive loss of leaves. To provide an extra potassium to our plants we can boil 3-4 bananas with sugar shells and use once diluted, and cold water, to water the plants.

Ashes of wood: wood ash is rich in potassium and phosphorus. Match promotes maturation of flowers and fruits, as well as enhance its aroma and sweetness. Ash helps prevent pests. Prepare a home rich in phosphorus fertilizer is as simple as picking up the burnt wood ash and dilute it in water.

Chicken manure: is one of the most traditional methods and very effective for their great contribution in nutrients, especially nitrogen. To prepare a liquid fertilizer-based chicken manure, must place the dung inside a thick fabric and close it, a bag of you giant. Let stand manure in a bucket with water for a day or two, squeeze water from the “bag” and with the bucket water to irrigate the plants.


Based on “weeds”: did you know that the weeds from the garden can provide good food for plants? Put herbs on a canvas (which will serve as a sieve) into a bucket and fill it with water. The best is a bucket with a lid, since the fermentation of plants can produce unpleasant odor. You must remove the mixture daily and, after 10 days, when the fermentation is finished, you can strain the solid remains and the water used to irrigate. Depending on the type of plant that you use, the nutrients will be different. Nettle, for example, will provide nitrogen and iron, Comfrey is rich in potassium and calcium and magnesium dandelion

Coffee grounds: the nutrients that brings the coffee to the Earth are an excellent natural fertilizer, although it is necessary to clarify that payment of coffee is only suitable for plants acidophilic, or those that require an acid soil for its optimum development: Roses, azalea, gardenia, hotensia, cyclamen…

To prepare a homemade fertilizer-based coffee-grounds, we can dilute the sediment of the coffee maker in a liter of water, let it stand for 24 hours and sprinkle with the resulting solution.


Here are some of the fertilizer or fertilizers of marijuana, natural, cheap and readily available that you can add to the field where planting marijuana if you prefer to avoid chemical fertilizers, it is more efficient and eco-friendly if you opt for planting cannabis in soil.


Calcium-rich minerals: limestone, marl (clay and limestone), phosphate cretas, plaster (for correction of sodium lands).

Rich in phosphorus mineral: natural phosphates Extremadura and Murcia), fofal (calcined phosphate), slag of iron desfosfacion.

Magnesium-rich minerals: Dolomites (very interesting, because they contain double carbonates of calcium and magnesium), magnesium sulfate (mineral or Navy) and siliceous rocks (the best way: natural). If dolomitic limestones add one cup of powder per ten liters of mixture, helps to stabilize the PH (in acid soils) and adds magnesium slowly, which is suitable for the development of the plant.

Potassium-rich minerals: wood ashes (requires spreading them very well and use them in small amounts), siliceous rocks.


If we use natural mulch, compost or farmyard manure, saved time and money in our cultivation of marijuana, at the same time we will provide the correct food to our land. Despite everything, the methods of our ancestors continue to operate.

In natural areas, animal droppings are feedback of the nitrogen in the ground, but unbalanced often soils making them acidic or basic if no stretch well and leave the soil to absorb the food evenly.

Manure has an effect of lash on the cannabis plant that produces them similar to the chemical nitrates exuberance. It is advisable to use it well dry and combines very well with the dolomitic rock. It is also very rich in lime. Why should check the pH of the soil before transplanting the cannabis.

Sheep: balanced and rich if the sheep have grazed on the Hill. It requires fermentation. Do not apply fresh.

Goat: similar to the sheep but stronger. It carries goat hair, enriching it with nitrogen.

Cow: not so rich, but ideal for wetlands (Bay of Biscay)

Pork: very disfertilizered and obsolete.

Manure: very rich but very strong. Used mixed with remains of crops. Very rich in calcium.

Rabbit: used very decomposed or mixed with organic materials. Very good for breeding earthworms, which gets the humus or Vermicompost.

Equine: considered loose, it is very suitable for growing in pots. It should be mixed with organic remains, even cooking, and use it when the smell is gone.


Conclusions on the use of organic and domestic fertilizer for Marijuana

The utilization or the use of domestic or organic fertilizer in the culture of the plant of marijuana will bring many benefits between them we can emphasize A better health of the plant and for consequence a good vigor so much in the growth as the development of the flowering as well as a green tonality adapted With the domestic fertilizer for marijuana have to measure the pH equally like if one extinguishes you of a mineral fertilizer this way to guarantee a correct absorption of the nutrients we remember that the range is clear up yourself 6 for the phase of growth and on 7 for the phase of flowering In the phase of growth the plant of marijuana is going to demand much more nitrogen than any other element or indispensable nutrient and in the phase of It is going to demand very much more phosphorus and potassium that anyone another element or nutrient

One of the big advantages of cultivating with fertilizer for marijuana householder is that we are going to be guaranteed by a genuine and incomparable flavor to the flowers or buds of the plant of marijuana when the crop is and let’s leave her to recover it does not have anything that to see to cultivate with an organic or domestic fertilizer to cultivating with an artificial or mineral manure the difference in the flavor is abysmal still having washed the roots it is like the difference in flavor between an indoor plant and a plant of exterior is notable so householder uses fertilizer for marijuana and to use mineral fertilizer the difference also is a very notable Sound a lot of recipes that we have available of domestic fertilizer for marijuana but I would like to emphasize the tea of guano of bat 

The domestic fertilizer of guano of bat is going to contribute a lot of phosphorus during the flowering if we it apply in the shape of Tea the action is going to be much more rapid and we complement them with a tea of banana or banana that will contribute the potassium that we need with which with the two tes have all the phosphorus and the potassium necessary for the correct development and flowering of the buds of the marijuana or his fruits.

The domestic fertilizer for marijuana we them can apply with certain frequency during the flowering of the plant must devote them more assiduous at being able to be alternate are the irrigations doing one with domestic and different fertilizer with alone water and at the end of the flowering or advanced we can use the fertilizer for marijuana householder in almost all the irrigations return to remember that it is necessary to measure always

To cultivate with fertilizer for marijuana householder does not have porqué be a symptom of which we are going to have less production if we can use it following a few guidelines we can obtain productions equally of decent that if we cultivate with a mineral fertilizer since many of these fertilizers are highly concentrated since it is the case return to repeat of the tea of guano and the tea of banana

In the recipes of domestic fertilizer for marijuana we have in addition other types of rich fertilizers in other minerals that also the plant is going to demand since not only nitrogen consumes phosphorus and potassium From autocultivodemarihuana recommend to you the use of domestic organic biological fertilizers in his faults and buy of manufacturer your cultures they were much easier and you will have fewer problems great since for example of accumulation of you go out what is a reason of multiple males in the plant.

Likewise the fertilizer for marijuana domestic dosed well and this way looked by the plant it gives him the vigor and the necessary force to be resistant to plagues diseases fungi and other environmental factors that could cause stress.

We have to understand what to cultivate, the domestic fertilizer for marijuana organic is very extended in the biological agriculture and especially in countries or communities where they do not have access specific fertilizers for specific fertilizers for marijuana or simply they use them to obtain a plant 100 % biological and with a genuine and incomparable flavor since it is not the same thing to eat one, one tomato of greenhouse that one of Garden cultivated to the Sun and with domestic organic fertilizer since with the marijuana it happens exactly the same thing is not going to know equally it is going to be the same plant cultivated with domestic fertilizer for marijuana that other one cultivated with a mineral or chemical fertilizer the difference is abysmal.